How Can You Turbocharge Your Retirement with NPS Contributions & Withdrawals?

How Can You Turbocharge Your Retirement with NPS Contributions & Withdrawals?


Are you looking for a robust investment-cum-pension scheme that not only secures your future but also offers lucrative tax benefits? Look no further than the National Pension System (NPS)! Designed for individuals aged 18 to 70, this dynamic scheme offers a dual advantage of tax savings and pension corpus management.

Understanding NPS Contributions:

When it comes to tax benefits, NPS doesn’t disappoint. Under Section 80CCD(1) of the Income Tax Act, contributors can claim deductions on their NPS contributions. But here’s the catch – the deductible amount is the lower of either the individual’s contribution or a percentage of their salary or gross total income.

For employed individuals, the deductible percentage stands at 10% of their salary, while for self-employed taxpayers, it’s 20% of their gross total income. But remember, the aggregate deduction under Sections 80C, 80CCC, and 80CCD(1) cannot exceed Rs. 1,50,000.

Unveiling Additional Tax Benefits:

But wait, there’s more! Under Section 80CCD(1B) of the Income Tax Act, contributors can enjoy an additional deduction of Rs. 50,000. This bonus deduction comes into play when the overall threshold limit of Rs. 1,50,000 is surpassed.

However, tread carefully to avoid duplication of claims when availing deductions under this section.

Employer Contributions:

The perks don’t end with individual contributions. Employed individuals can also rejoice in tax benefits on their employer’s contributions to the NPS. Under Section 80CCD(2), contributors can claim deductions of up to 10% of their salary (or 14% for government employees) regarding the employer’s NPS contribution.

Exploring Withdrawal Benefits:

Now, let’s talk about withdrawals. Did you know that partial withdrawals from your NPS account come with tax exemptions? Yes, indeed! Taxpayers can enjoy exemptions on withdrawals up to 25% of their self-contributed amount under Section 10(12B).

And when it’s time for that lumpsum withdrawal upon reaching 60 years or superannuation, rejoice in tax exemption on 60% of the accumulated pension wealth under Section 10(12A).


The National Pension System isn’t just a retirement plan; it’s a tax-smart investment strategy. With its array of tax benefits, it’s no wonder why savvy investors are flocking to embrace the NPS. So, why wait? Secure your financial future today with the NPS and unlock a world of tax-saving opportunities!